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Professional One-day Painting Services

Professional one-day painting services from industry leaders.

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As a leading one-day painting company, we have hundreds of happy customers.

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One-Day Painting Services

How urgent is your small painting project? Do you need someone to re-paint your faded walls or you are in need of updating, trimming colours? Or do you maybe need some old doors or baseboards refreshed? You’ve landed to the right place – ASAP Sydney Painters, a team of talented and experienced painters, offers prompt and professional one-day painting services for residential, commercial and industrial clients. 

One-Day Painting Service Sydney

Need to have your home or office space repainted quickly? Cannot afford to have your schedule disturbed, not even for a few days? ASAP Sydney Painters has the perfect solution for you! Hire one of our trained, fully insured, and certified painters on a daily rate basis to complete your small projects and bring your home back to its beauty. 

This project includes 8-hours of painting labour done by one of our experts and includes all the required materials. We make sure that our painter brings the equipment necessary to complete the one-day painting job so that you don’t have to worry about the project one bit. 


We encourage our one-day painting service customers to buy the paint before our painter reaches your destination. This helps to maximise the time for them to get the job done. We can help you determine how much paint is needed – and will gladly help you buy the paint if you prefer.

We strongly suggest you to buy Tubman’s’ or Dulux paint. Choosing a quality product makes a huge difference in performance, appearance, and results. For any further information and questions you may have, feel free to contact ASAP Sydney Painters. We always tell our clients the same – if we discuss everything in advance, there will be no fuss when the project starts and our professional will be able to focus solely on completing the work in the shortest amount of time.

Can just any project be completed in a day? There are a lot of factors which influence the success of such a project so be sure to contact us right away. Tell us a bit about the space you wish to re-paint and we will provide you with a time and cost estimate.

One-Day Painting Service Package Includes:

  • Doing touch up to your home trimmings,
  • Changing the colour of one to two small rooms,
  • Painting the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom,
  • High-pressure cleaning the exterior of your home,
  • Up to three doors including the frames,
  • Stain or paint the entry doors,
  • Perk up faded exteriors home trimmings,
  • Repairs to damaged woodwork,
  • Our certified and qualified ASAP Sydney Painters technician,
  • 8-hours of labour on any project of your choice, and
  • So much more – ask us through our contact form!


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