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Roof Painting Services

Roof maintenance is just as crucial as maintenance of any other part of a house or a building. It helps keep the entire structure in the best possible condition, extending its life significantly. At ASAP Sydney Painters, we employ a team of roof painting specialists who have years of experience refurbishing old and rundown roofs. We undertake residential and commercial projects of all sizes.

No job is too small because we know that it is better for our clients to address all issues while they are still small. We are prepared to provide roof painting services for all clients who are invested in keeping their property in pristine condition while lowering maintenance costs as much as possible. The only way to do this is to tend to a problem while it is still minor – tend it to right away and you’ll avoid any greater inconvenience!

Why should I repaint my roof?

Over the years, ASAP Sydney Painters have provided roof painting services to a range of clients, each one with a specific requirement. To all of them, we brought unique benefits:

  • Maintained the overall value of the building
  • Increased the resale value of the property
  • Improved the quality of life
  • Delivered longer roof life

A damaged roof is more than an aesthetic issue. When the holes, wears and cracks are left unaddressed, you end up spending much more energy on keeping the place warm/cool. In the end, when you analyse the costs, you realise that avoiding roof painting services is a much costlier alternative.

ASAP Sydney Painters will provide a reasonable quote. We will hear you out, inspect your property and let you know which repairs are absolutely necessary and how much they will cost you. Don’t worry, there will be no unexpected surprises once the project is completed. We are fully transparent and always inform our clients in case anything unexpected happens during the project which might affect the overall cost of our roof painting services. 

How often should I repaint my roof?

This depends on several factors: the overall state of the building, its age, the quality of roof maintenance work, tools and paint used, and more. On average, we recommend that our clients schedule roof painting every 5 years or so. 

If you are unsure whether now’s the time to tend to your roof, give us a call. ASAP Sydney Painters will send over a specialist to inspect your roof, determine its condition and tell you whether it needs painting. You can also ask us for a quote so that you know how big of an investment awaits you.

Don’t hesitate to call! Remember: the longer you wait, the greater the issue you will face, and at a much higher price. 

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