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ASAP Sydney Painters use polyurea that is a spray-on covering with high chemical resistance, high abrasion resistance, outstanding durability, and outstanding plasticity. Manufacturers have developed different formulations covering a wide range of requirements from severe elongation to surface hardness. As a coating system contractor, we determine all the particulars of your project and make sure we select the correct polyurea and top coats where needed.

We have years of experience working with clients who wanted to test the effectiveness of polyurea coating for their industrial sites. We used only the best tools and materials available and were able to deliver the most optimal results. 

Just check out our portfolio – there are dozens of clients who entrusted us with their properties and were not disappointed! The new coating provided better resistance to heating, wearing and damages in general. It proved to be a durable solution which directly affected the overall quality of their business. 

Polyurea Surface Services In Sydney

When compared to conventional materials, polyurea has the following advantages:

  • Abrasion characteristics,
  • Durability,
  • Fast set nature,
  • High elongation,
  • Multiple colour choices,
  • Resistant to solvents, caustics and mild acids,
  • Seamless,
  • Unlimited mil thickness when used in one application,
  • USDA and portable approved,
  • Weather tolerant and forms a barrier at -10C to 60C in as little as 3 seconds,
  • Waterproof

Polyurea for Industrial Applications

Polyurea is one of the most popular solutions among our industrial clients. We especially like to emphasise polyurea as an excellent tank covering. In fact, polyurea can help protect the steel tanks at your industrial site from chemicals, corrosion, and from the elements of the natural surroundings. By having an accurate surface preparation, formulation choice, primers, substrate condition, and installations done, polyurea applies fast and gives steel tanks long life usage. The polyurea one can apply during the primary building stage or when doing modifications. The downtime of your plants lessened as the polyurea dries fast.

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We work fast and don’t compromise the quality of the final result. ASAP Sydney Painters team will gladly work around your schedule so that you don’t have to put any projects or work on hold. With our polyurea surface painting solutions, you get to experience short and long-term benefits for your business. Furthermore, our people are professionally trained and experienced to work while paying close attention to the highest safety standards. 

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