Why Choose ASAP Sydney Painters?

Professional Pressure Washing Services

Professional pressure washing services from industry leaders.

We’re Experienced in Pressure Washing

As a leading pressure washing company, we have hundreds of happy customers.

Advanced Painting & Coating Technology

We use the latest technology in coating and painting for your project.

Pressure Washing Sydney

ASAP Sydney Painters specialises in both low and high-pressure washing for the exterior of your home for decks, roofs, siding driveways, sidewalks, and so much more…

The Safest Environmentally Cleaning Solution

Dirt, mildew, salt, and sand collect on plaster and vinyl siding. This causes expensive maintenance and can make repainting a complete failure. However, there is a solution to this problem and that is pressure washing. ASAP Sydney Painters provide pressure washing services in Sydney using sensitive pressure equipment with grade cleaners to remove this dirt gently and efficiently.

Pressure Washing Decks

One cannot use too much pressure or chemicals when cleaning wooden decks. Our cleaning professionals determine the right amount of pressure needed with the correct cleaning solution making sure that your decks not damaged when cleaned. Once completing the cleaning process, we prepare the wood for preservation. We apply a grade sealer to wood after drying according to the right moisture level.

Concrete and Brick Pressure Washing Sydney

Have your concrete and brick paving pressure washed to increase kerb appeal. You will notice the difference once cleaned. We can remove irrigation stains from your patio and concrete service with our methods used. Have your brick paving frequently cleaned from dirt, mildew, and mould – our staff is trained to adjust the pressure of water with our state-of-the-art equipment to meet the correct needs.

Pressure Washing Roof

Algae grow on the roof and cause hideous streaks by the rainwater extending these algae further on the roof. Our pressure washing in Sydney includes the help with clearing your homes roof by removing the algae with grade cleaners and low-pressure water. We will make your roof look brand new and ensure that it serves you properly for years. 


Gutter Cleaning

Prevent your home gutters from clogging up and causing damage such as drainage problems. Have the gutters cleaned during fall and spring? ASAP Sydney Painters can help clean all the downspouts and gutters. And while we are there, it may be a good time to have the roof cleaned as well.



Are the chemicals you use for cleaning dangerous?

NO! The chemicals used are environmentally friendly and will not harm your family or the building.

Does one need to power wash before painting the exterior of the home?

YES! The reason is that you want a clean surface before you start to add new paint. We include the cost of our pressure washing services in Sydney of all surfaces in the paint job.

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